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Some other car audio shops only know how to drop in and hook up new stereo systems, so they can’t do complicated installations. But Audio Images in Burlingame can customize any kind of system for any kind of vehicle. Audio Images can do everything from basic alarms and stereos to full custom jobs on cars, motorcycles, street bikes and boats. We know how to fabricate new components and custom panels out of fiberglass, so there are no limits here. Street bikes don’t come equipped with stereos, so Audio Images builds custom audio systems from scratch. Audio Images can add ports for iPods or satellite radios, and then create fiberglass sections to hold the speakers. Because our master installers can build around the existing structure of the bikes. we can do whatever the customer wants. Not all installations are big projects. Audio Images can also add the newest technology to your car’s existing features.


Think the internet is the cheapest place to find name brand car audio equipment? Think again, repairs can get very expensive for cheap audio products that customers buy online through unauthorized dealers. The systems go bad quicker, and when they do, it’s expensive to take out the components, send them back and put in replacements. Repairs aren’t the only problem with audio and visual products that customers have ordered online. The components are usually missing parts, refurbished or used. And you could be out of luck if you ask the company to give you a replacement. Those bargain systems off the internet haven’t even come from an authorized dealer, so there’s no warranty.


The best way to get a good deal on audio equipment is to buy products that will give you the best long-term value for your money. Thats why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our installations, and we only use the best products that last longer than any cheap items can. By taking your budget into account, Audio Images helps you get the right system at the right price. We don’t want to sell you parts you can’t afford, so the first thing we do is look at how much you want to spend. Then we build your system around that number. You will save money with good equipment. Good products will sound better, last longer and give you the results your looking for. Product warranties vary by company. Audio Images gives a lifetime warranty on all of our labor. If anything goes wrong with your system at any time, you can come back to us and we’ll make it right.

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